Japanese Alkaline Water Filtration Systems

Experience pure alkaline water with the incredible Japanese Alkaline Water System!

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Between Two Worlds is proud to offer our own Alkaline Water Filtration System! Extremely popular in Japan and used in over 200 Japanese hospitals, alkaline water filtration systems produce pure alkaline drinking water that is rich in minerals and contains active hydrogen ions that possess strong antioxidant properties.

Healthy alkaline water is a pure and natural liquid anti-oxidant. Alkaline water is created by filtering and ionizing your ordinary tap water through the process of electrolysis. The resulting ionized alkaline water contains powerful antioxidant qualities that provide many amazing health benefits.

Our Alkaline Water Filtration System is the easiest and most economical way to maintain a healthly lifestyle by drinking delicious fresh water right out your faucet at home everyday!

Videos: The healing properties of alkaline water

(Dr. Robert Young discusses pH balancing, weight loss, & the benefits of alkaline water; This CNN video footage is available on YouTube.

(This vintage Japanese video footage is available to the public on YouTube; this extremely informative video is public domain and trademark-free).

Levels of pH selection for alkaline, acidic, or purified/neutral water

The amazing Japanese Alkaline Water Filtration System is versatile and easy to use. With the push of a button, you can select the type of water you need for various uses. The alkaline water machine offers different levels of pH selection and control for alkaline water, acidic water, or purified/neutral water. Water selection levels include:

• Clean alkaline water: Great for drinking water, taking with medications, preparing baby formula, etc. Water impurities such as chlorine, rust, & lead are removed by the alkaline water machine's elaborate water cleaning filter.

• Regular alkaline water: Also great for drinking water, food preparation, making tea or coffee, using in soups. Good for pre-cooking food, improves the taste of food. Also good for pets' drinking water and watering plants.

• Strong alkaline water: Also good for food preparation and pre-boiling foods. Good for cleaning dishes, utensils, cutting boards, general kitchen cleaning, etc. Strong enough for stain removal.

• Regular acidic water: Not suitable for drinking. Great for personal hygiene, washing face, taking baths, washing & rinsing hair, shaving, etc. Promotes beautiful skin. Good for laundry/washing clothes. Good for washing fruits & vegetables. Also good for household cleaning, washing tiles & floors, polishing glass, removing stains, etc. Also good for grooming pets.

• Strong acidic water: Not suitable for drinking. Great for cleaning and disinfecting, kills germs and bacteria on contact, sanitizes cutting boards, knives, kitchen utensils & appliances, dish towels, etc. Promotes excellent hygiene, disinfects hands & face, disinfects toothbrush, disinfects food products, etc.

Pure alkaline water has many health benefits:

Clean alkaline water, ionized alkaline water filtration systems, Japanese alkaline water filtration system, microwater machines, colon hydrotherapy, colon body cleanse, MA, RI
  • Helps to clean & detoxify the body by cleansing the kidneys, liver, & colon
  • Helps in maintaining the body's pH levels & temperature regulation
  • Helps to flush acidic waste out of the body
  • Creates an internal environment that inhibits inflammation & disease
  • Helps with digestion & efficient processing of excretion
  • Helps the body to neutralize the free radicals
  • Replenishes the body's calcium levels with continual usage
  • Assists in reducing the body's fat deposits
  • Helps with proper functioning of the kidneys & joints
  • Helps to alleviate back pain and enhances physical performance
  • Helps to maintain healthy skin & slow the process of aging
  • Helps to clear headaches, increases energy, & improves mental performance
  • Helps to alleviate indigestion, acid reflux, & heartburn
  • Supports proper metabolism and assists in weight reduction
  • Helps to inhibit internal bacteria, fungus, molds, & yeast

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