Between Two Worlds Client Testimonials

Between Two Worlds, Dagaz light and sound, stress reduction, mental relaxation, MA, RI

"I absolutely loved my experience at BTW. Very knowledgeable people and very welcoming. Felt like I learned a lot in just the short time I was there. Will definitely be back soon and will refer as many people as I can!"

- Eugenio R.

"I was welcomed and made to feel very safe. I was explained all the services provided. I will be a client in the days ahead."

- Anne R.

"Love the atmosphere and positive energy from Gabby and Perry.... Love this place!"

- Tia C.

"Pleasant and very clean environment. They offer many services and are willing to listen to what your needs are and make suggestions for you to achieve your goals."

- Reviewer 717

"Must visit this place!"

- Jayesh P.

"Before I started visiting Between Two Worlds, I was unhealthy, both physically and mentally. The knowledge gained during my experience has changed all of that. I am now happier, healthier and have more energy! The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing and the stress just melts away. The staff is attentive and truly cares about your well-being. Visit Between Two Worlds and it will change your life, too!"

- Daniel

"I have been a client of Between Two Worlds for almost 4 years, and I am a much healthier person as a result. I had several issues which were impacting the quality of my life. I tried everything, and nothing seemed to work. The colonic, light & sound therapy, and ozone steam bath has helped me improve my health, including less stress, better body function and energy."

- Robin

"Recently visited BTW, and I have to say my experience there was great. I felt very relaxed and enjoy the serene environment. The character of the establishment feels like home. Laid back, very clean and the aroma of pleasant incense fill the air. I first used the wonderful Light & Sound system to relax my mind and body. Then [I] was ready to have the colon cleanse in a private bathroom.

The man running this establishment was very professional and [has] a wealth of knowledge. I felt very comfortable and left gaining more information about Holistic health. I actually left feeling lighter and rejuvenated. [I] highly recommend Between Two Worlds to those of you who have an open mind and willing to be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Kim

"BTW is a wonderful place to relax and unwind. My wife and I come for colonic hydrotherapy, and Perry introduced us to light and sound therapy, which completely relaxes and clears your mind. We both enjoy it so much, and have been coming once per week for 4 weeks. Perry taught us how to relax and gave us some great tips. We feel great since coming here.

Bottom line... BTW is a great place and Perry is very professional and will make you feel at home. We will most definitely be back soon!"

- Jay

"What can I say other than I felt shock, cheated, and deceived, but more than anything, I became totally furious. After providing an honest and heartfelt review of your wonderful establishment, I was blown away to find that my review had been expunged from Yelp's pages and all that remained were the negative and derogatory reviews. So I tried contacting Yelp for an explanation of the vanishing review, and after several attempts concluded that they were ignoring me (which only further aggravated me). Reverting back to my old ways, pre-retirement, I began to research Yelp and found that there are several lawsuits, some current and ongoing, and other cases with dispositions.

It seems that Yelp has been the respondent to several class-action lawsuits claiming extortion. It's also revealed when even doing a simple Google search that Yelp has surreptitiously offered to reinstate the positive reviews if the vendor agrees to participate with Yelp's terms (sounds like extortion maybe?). I received an email from Yelp before posting my review requesting that I confirm my email address and did so as directed. Again, I was delighted to see it posted and contacted you to let you know it was there. As you know, it was deleted without any explanation to me. I have since terminated my relationship with Yelp and encourage all others to do a 5-minute Google search using search words "Yelp lawsuit." You will be overwhelmed with what Yelp is getting away with and surely will wash your hands of them!

Perry, please feel free to post all and/or any part of this letter anywhere you see fit. [Above], I include my review for others to see that there are actual 5-star reviews being unfairly removed. If anyone doubts this, I encourage them to also place a positive review for any vendor that seemingly accrued only negative reviews and watch how long it takes for your review to be banished forever or until the vendor relents and pays the ransom.

Being a retired Suffolk County Consumer Affairs investigator with 33 years of experience investigating consumer fraud and working with fraud detectives in the Suffolk County District Attorneys office, I've come to realize long ago that you can't believe everything you read. I reviewed the comments that Yelp provides and see that anyone can write a review. There is no need to have actually utilized the services that Perry provides in order to write a review. Anyone including competitors, disgruntled ex-spouses, or just plain jealous individuals can write negative reviews, when in fact they have no valid experience and are just looking to do harm. I called Perry before booking my 2-day stay to discuss the negative reviews and he was able to put my mind at ease.

After driving a little more than 4 hours, I found his place (look for a sign hanging high on a tree out by the road) and was immediately put at ease and made to feel completely relaxed while enjoying the sights, sounds, and pleasant scents that envelop his establishment.

Perry explained his protocol with a colorful tone, and I completely understood. The first thing I needed to do was to stop asking questions and just listen. Being recently diagnosed with Merkel Cell Carcinoma (a rare skin cancer that is very aggressive), I found myself frantically searching for a miracle. Research led me to colonics and the body's need to have a healthy digestive tract if any chance of recovery is attainable. Research also revealed that Perry has extensive knowledge and 40 years of experience in the field of colonics. With everything that I was able to learn about Between Two Worlds and the man himself, I wasn't about to let a few negative and seemingly orchestrated reviews stop me from my mission of beating cancer and getting well.

When it came time for the actual colonic session, Perry was completely professional and provided privacy before, during, and after completion. He carefully explained the process, and was able to continually communicate with me via a receiver and transmitter during my session. My first night was very relaxing with a very comfortable bedroom and private bath. Before my second colonic session, I finally agreed to take part in the well-heated hot tub with the soothing water jets that can also aid in a more successful colonic release. My second day was more fun then the first - I was treated to a light and sound therapy that put me in a completely relaxed state of mind.

Perry's place is absolutely beautiful with slate floors and an incredible fireplace surrounded with high ceilings and rich woodwork. Each of his rooms are warm and inviting, with eclectic art work and soft earthy colors. I saw several clients from all walks of life, including a young man that looked like a linebacker for a pro football team; there was a very pretty young woman there that while sharing small talk with me told me she is a mental health counselor. There was a married couple that own a very successful restaurant nearby who also told me that they have been taking advantage of Perry's services for a long time, and know that colonics have improved their overall well-being. I can only state that I'm glad I didn't base my decision to take advantage of Perry's services on the negative reviews and I now know that a well-functioning clean colon is the gateway to a strong, healthy immune system which is paramount when fighting cancer.

Thank you again, Perry, for time very well spent!"

- Robert P.
Long Island, NY