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Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds Health Center & Retreat

Between Two Worlds is a facility committed to educating people on how to develop a more conscious mind and healthy body. To attain their fullest potential for a better quality of life.

Between Two Worlds, Dagaz light and sound, stress reduction, alternative health products and services, MA, RI

Our approach recognizes the power of mind and body in the process of healing. However, we also recognize the paradox of healing. That is, that one cannot harness the power of the inner healer at first and everyone requires healing from the outside in, while building the skills to heal from the inside out. Between Two Worlds services has cutting edge technology to initiate both processes when the time is right.

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The Search

The leaders of Between Two Worlds are constantly searching for new health products and healing modalities from around the world that have demonstrated remarkable healing properties. These products must meet stringent criteria including (1) Acknowledgment of value, (2) A track record of success, and (3) All products are taken by the leaders of our company for months before offering them to any of our clients.

The Sequence

One of the remarkable pillars of success for our group has been the ability to sequence therapies. This enables the body the time to adapt and open to the healing powers of our health products in ways that prevent cleansing or detoxification reactions, but more importantly build the faith of clients in their ability to heal. This faith is then the stepping-stone for our clients to move on to an acceleration of the healing process.

Working From the Inside Out

The experts at Between Two Worlds services have been practicing techniques of stress reduction for decades. They have assembled technologies and materials from around the world, which lead the client in a stepwise approach to a clearer use of the power of mind and faith. No special beliefs are required. Between Two Worlds is a service organization. We believe in the ability to heal from within. With the goal of a thoroughly lived life with the feeling of health, clarity, and vitality in body and mind. We call this state of life WellVille.

The Road To WellVille

Once started on our four-week program you are aligned with one of our experts who will tailor the products and sequence of your specific program. Most everyone who signs on will feel dramatic results within the first four weeks if they follow the program outlined for their needs. After the first four weeks, the real fun begins as the clarity appears. We are all Between Two Worlds - we just do not know it yet.

It is time to heal, it is time to place yourself on the Road to WellVille, and it is time to begin the program that recognizes the nature of the human condition, the fact that we are all in transition Between Two Worlds. Come find out and in the process heal yourself and enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

The Road to WellVille Awaits!

Between Two Worlds, Dagaz light and sound, stress reduction, alternative health products and services, MA, RI