Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds, Dagaz light and sound, stress reduction, alternative health products and services, MA, RI

The ultimate frontier in light and sound systems combining the philosophy of the East and the technology of the West stimulating your mental appetite.

"Desired brainwaves can be created at will. If you can quiet down non-productive thought you can improve the quality of your life."

If technology has brought us stress and tension, now it has brought us the answer: DAGAZ. Our brain wave entrainment systems produce pulsing light and tones, at a particular frequency, that exercise the mind and guide it into various mind states.

Brain waves are divided into four groups and are labeled by these frequency rates:

BETA 12-30 Hz
Occur when awake and alert, with highest frequency indicating more intense mental activity.
ALPHA 8-12 Hz
Generally occur during relaxation, especially in the twilight state just before sleep.
THETA 4-8 Hz
Emitted during deep meditation or sleep.
DELTA .5-4 Hz
Happens during deepest sleep, seldom experienced by the conscious mind.

By learning to develop various brainwave levels, we can experience the benefits of whole brain activity.

Benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Deep mental relaxation
  • Super/Accelerated learning
  • Enhanced perceptions and focus
  • Sharpened skills
  • Improved memory
  • Peak performance
  • Increased sensory awareness
  • Inner balancing
  • Pain control
  • Holistic body/mind care
  • Maximized potential


"No time to medi­tate? OK, get a brain tune-up instead."
- Wall Street Journal
"Brings instant calm..."
- International Herald Tribune
"An instant euphoria machine that also expands mental powers."
- Esquire
"May help creativity, relaxation... effective in psychotheraphy and learning."
- Dr. Richard Restak, M.D. (world renowned neurologist and author)
"Guaranteed to change your state of mind."
- Bob Weir (musician for the Grateful Dead)
"It gets me from being frazzled to being clear."
- Arch Crawford (Wall Street analyst)
"A pause that refreshes."
- Ram Dass
"Addresses a tremendous need for education and stress man­agement in our society today."
- Dick Clark