Ozone Steam Cabinet / Ozone Oxygen Sauna

Ozone Steam Cabinet, Ozone-Oxygen Sauna
What is the Ozone-Oxygen Sauna?

A hyperthermic chamber is an enclosed box that you sit inside. Your head, however, stays outside. This allows you to tolerate a higher temp longer because your head is outside, and you are breathing cool room air. Steam is produced inside to increase the temperature anywhere from 90 degrees all the way up to 130 degrees.

This is great for spa goers who want privacy. Sitting next to two or three unclothed people in the steam room isn't the most comfortable situation for everyone. Not only do you get the room to yourself, you are also receiving the Ozone Steam!

How does the Ozone-Oxygen Sauna work?

During the Ozone Steam Sauna, the pores in your skin will open, releasing trapped toxins. While the pores are open, they not only drain toxins but also absorb the oxygen rich air. The air inside the chamber is 90-95% pure oxygen with a 3-5% ozone mixture. What does the ozone do? Well, ozone is supercharged oxygen. It will rapidly oxidize dead or damaged cells. It can also help to speed up your metabolism, burning fat at a much higher rate. This leaves the skin tighter, toner, softer, healthier, and more flexible. The ozone-oxygen mixture also really relaxes the muscles. So you'll feel great afterward!

The sessions take anywhere from 15- 30 minutes. You can be undressed or in a bathing suit during the session, although you are completely covered the entire time. If at any point during your session you need to exit the chamber, you can very easily open the doors and step out quickly. I have had very claustrophobic people tell me that it was easy to have a session because they could move their arms and legs around inside the chamber. The other thing that helped was that their heads were not enclosed, so it made it more comfortable for them. The chamber is not made to have your head inside because of the oxygen-ozone mixture. Inhaling oxygen-ozone rich air can be very bad for your health. Smelling ozone slightly in very low amounts is okay. When ozone is absorbed through the skin it is very safe. Plenty of detoxification is taking place inside the chamber.

How does the Ozone-Oxygen Sauna help me?

It can help to relieve an overburdened body of toxins as well as oxygenate healthy cells in your tissues. The sauna relaxes muscles, helps with aches and pains, and can raise your energy levels. Many women say that it helps with their cellulite and stretch marks, as well as menstrual cramps. It can help to heal certain injuries faster than normal. It's great for skin problems. If you're sick with a cold or the flu, your body naturally creates a fever to expel invading viruses and bacteria. The sauna creates an "artificial" fever, which can help your body purge unwanted invaders very quickly.

By relieving toxic burdens your body may be carrying, you can help to prevent ill health in the future. It can also increase your vitality and zest for life. Chemically toxic people can find very quick relief by sweating those chemicals out. Then their bodies can heal. Who would be chemically toxic and may not know it? Painters, mechanics, lab techs, scientists, engineers, factory workers, military personnel, medical personnel, housewives, maids, essentially anyone who comes into contact with chemicals through their skin or respiratory tract. No matter how little they may actually come into contact with, it may be too much depending on the chemical and their body. If you can smell a chemical, you're coming into contact with it at that very moment.

Not only is the Ozone Steam Cabinet a special treat that relaxes you, it also helps your health! And another perk? Your skin feels amazing after!