Healing Techniques

About Bodywork

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We focus on health enhancing therapies that employ hands-on techniques to soothe the body and promote the healing process. Many therapies deal specifically with the flow of energy, or "Chi." A healthy balance between body, mind, and spirit is created when energy flows smoothly. By utilizing a variety of techniques, we gain a better understanding of our own unique pathway to health and vitality. Both Eastern and Western methods of bodywork are offered.

How to receive a massage:

Before your treatment begins, you are invited to relax in the hot tub or courtyard Jacuzzi. Hydrotherapy is a perfect first step to reducing stress and preparing your muscles for massage. Once your treatment begins, you will be draped to maintain warmth and modesty. Your therapist will discuss any specific areas that may need special attention. Each person is different! We will tailor your massage to your specific needs. Breathe and relax! Close your eyes and allow your mind and body to relax. Remember, this time is for you.


An Eastern massage technique meaning "finger pressure" involves the gentle stimulation of the "chi" or energy pathways called meridians. Muscles, joints and organs are benefited, a great stress reliever.

Massage for Relaxation:

Designed for your personal needs, your treatment may include many techniques. Deep tissue, cross fiber, myofascial, sports massage, lymphatic drainage and more!


An ancient Chinese technique using the pressure points on the feet to help clear blocked energy in our reflexes and open a path to reduced stress and healing.

Healing Stone Massage:

The application of heated stones in combination with skillful massage techniques can help the body in detoxification, lymphatic circulation, normalizing the nervous and endocrine systems.

Thai Massage:

Using slow gentle rocking movements, the therapist applies compressions to harmonize vital life energies often described as yoga massage.

Dagaz Visual Sound System:

A 50-minute session takes you on a journey using gently pulsing light and soothing sound to relax, revitalize, and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. The Dagaz Visual Sound System will help to reduce stress, accelerate learning, stimulate creative visualization, and enhance peak mental performance.