Healthy Products for a conscious mind & healthy body

Between Two Worlds is committed to offering the finest health products available to help you develop a more conscious mind and healthy body. Our products will help you reach your fullest potential for a better quality of life.

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Relaxing & Refreshing Hatteras Spa

Hatteras Spa
  • Seating:   6 Adults
  • Dimensions:    80" x 79" x 35"
  • Water Capacity:   Average Fill 282 Gallons, Max. Fill 368 Gallons
  • Dry Weight:   562 lbs.
  • Spa Shell Cabinet:   Black Diamond® Tri Matrix Spa Shell Redwood Dura-life™ Cabinet, 100% Pressure Treated Frame
  • Lighting:   Optional ColorScape Digital Lighting - Backlit Cascade Waterfall System
  • Jets:    Power Play Jet System® with Turbo Boost Control
  • Filter Area Electrical Safety:   75 Sq. Ft. High Performance Tornado Tube™ Filter UL Listed
  • Heater:   230 Voltage, 4 KW Water Heater
  • Hydrotherapy Pumps:   One 5 HP 2sp 56 Frame Pump One 5 HP 1sp 56 Frame Pump
  • Features:   Manifold Plumbing 360 Skimmer System, Self Diagnostic, Floor Drain w/ Side Hose Adapter


Comfortable BackSaver recliners with optimum comfort & support

Comfortable BackSaver recliners

Ergonomics... Not all chairs are created equal. In today's sedentary society, we spend an inordinate amount of time sitting - and sitting actually puts 50% more stress on your back than standing. Traditional chairs are one of the leading causes of discomfort and back pain whether at work, in the home, or while travelling. BackSaver™ has created products that provide the key to comfort - complete adjustability. Improper support can cause your back, neck, shoulders, forearms, wrists and hands to tense and stiffen. We offer a number of solutions that are engineered to put your body in the most ergonomically efficient position - one that reduces back pain and muscle pressure, and contributes to a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Zero-Gravity... This physician-recommended position, used by NASA astronauts during lift-off, promotes total relaxation by reducing physical stress. this position reduces pressure on your spine, relieves muscle tension and increases your circulation.

Wonderfoam... Provides unparalleled seating comfort and support because this temperature-sensitive material molds to your body shape every time you sit down, relieving pressure on your muscles and joints. When you get up, Wonderfoam retains its original form and shape! Wonderfoam is available in all BackSaver products.


Air Purifiers to Combat Indoor Pollution

Air Purifiers

The three most common approaches to reducing indoor airborne pollution are:

Source Control... The first approach -- source control -- involves minimizing the use of products and materials that cause indoor pollution, employing good hygiene practices to minimize biological contaminants (including the control of humidity and moisture, and occasional cleaning and disinfection of wet or moist surfaces), and using good housekeeping practices to control particles.

Ventilation... The second approach -- outdoor ventilation -- is also effective and commonly employed. Ventilation methods include installing an exhaust fan close to the source of contaminants, increasing outdoor airflows in mechanical ventilation units, and opening windows, especially when pollutant sources are in use.

Air Purifiers... The third approach -- airborne contaminant purification -- is the best method used to supplement source control and ventilation. Filters, electronic airborne particle cleaners and ionizers are often used to remove airborne particles, and gas adsorbing material is sometimes used to remove gaseous contaminants when source control and ventilation are inadequate.

Recommendation... The public is advised to use proven methods of controlling indoor airborne pollution. These methods include eliminating or controlling pollutant sources, increasing outdoor air ventilation, and using proven methods of cleaning airborne contaminants.

Conclusions... Overall, the American Lung Association recommends that proven source control strategies be employed as a primary means of reducing exposure to pollutants. However, physical studies which do not measure health effects do show that certain airborne contaminant cleaners are effective in removing certain indoor airborne pollutants. Thus, as an adjunct to effective source control and adequate ventilation, highly efficient airborne contaminant cleaners can be useful in further reducing levels of certain indoor airborne pollutants. More research on the health benefits of air cleaners is needed to provide complete evidence that would better address the circumstances of intended use. Manufacturers, clinicians, government agencies, and private industries can all assist with providing and interpreting this research in order to better inform the public.

Based on the limited available data, we conclude that if allergen sources are present in a residence, airborne contaminant cleaning alone has not been proven effective at reducing airborne allergen-containing particles to levels at which no adverse effects are anticipated. Cats, for example, generally shed allergen at a much greater rate than air cleaners can effect removal. Dust mites excrete allergens in fecal particles in sequestered environments (i.e., within the carpet or the bedding). For individuals sensitive to dust mite allergen, the use of impermeable mattress coverings appears to be as effective as the use of a laminar flow airborne contaminant cleaning unit above the bed. Source control should always be the first choice for allergen control in residences.


Omni Massager - The ultimate body massage tool

Omni Massager

Roll Away the Aches and Pains Associated with Stress and Tension! Take the Omni Massager in your hand and begin by applying pressure, then roll the ball in circular motions all around the desired area, adding pressure as needed. Use two hands for even more pressure. With just a little practice, you will be able to identify the exact spot that needs massaging and you will feel the relief as your OMNI Massage Roller smoothes, soothes, and loosens the muscle tissue, bringing improved circulation, natural pain relief and healing to the area. The Omni Massagers can be used in the tub or spa and with massage oils unlike other massagers out in the market. Maintenance is also easy with just a short wash under your faucet as directed in the information that comes with every Omni Massager.

The Omni Massage Roller is the most effective and versatile massage tool on the market today. Its unique design and ease of use, appeals to both the professional and personal user. Roll Away the Aches and Pains Associated with Stress and Tension! Buy two and you won't regret it, order your Omni Massage Rollers Today!


Iso-tonic & Iso-kinetic gyroscopic action for strength & coordination

Iso-tonic & Iso-kinetic gyroscope

The Dyna-Flex powers up with the rising pitch of an F-18 fighter - with no batteries, no motor. Yet we dare you to hold on to it! Give it a quick pull or thumb flick to get it moving. Rotate your hand.

It starts to race and hum. Soon it's whirling at over 9,000 revolutions per minute! Meanwhile, your wrists, grip, and arm are straining and working out against a powerhouse gyroscopic action. In fact, Dyna-Flex is now spinning internally so fast that it wants to leap out of your hand! Need a break? Slow down the rotations, or pass it on to an unsuspecting friend. Watch them try to hold onto it! As an executive relaxer, a carpal-tunnel / arthritis reliever, or a strength and coordination builder, Dyna-Flex will knock your socks off!

Features & Benefits
  • Build strength while improving coordination
  • New easy grip outer sphere for better control and prolonged usage
  • Generates up to 32lbs of gyroscopic pressure when maximum RPM's (13,000) are reached
  • Variable resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the speed
  • Because Dyna-Flex is iso-tonic and iso-kinetic, rather than iso-metric, it is safe and effective, in the medical therapeutic setting, as well as for sports training and rehabilitation
  • Get the edge in Tennis, Bowling, Golf or any sport that requires a strong grip and / or control
  • Exclusive new design for ease of starting
  • Perfect for sports warm-ups!
Muscles exercised when using the Dyna-Flex Hand muscles exercised when using the Dyna-FlexArm muscles exercised when using the Dyna-Flex


Body sculpting for strength and flexibility

Yoga ball body sculpting

Yoga Ball Kit ... Making it easy for you to get in shape...

The perfect companion for yoga and Pilates, Wai Lana's Yoga Ball Kit helps you:

  • Strengthen and tone core muscles
  • Increase flexibility and balance
  • Loosen stiff joints and relieve tension
  • Stretch and strengthen your back

A beautifully illustrated booklet gives you a series of easy, intermediate, and advanced exercises so you can work at your own level and measure your progress. Handy charts also help you target specific areas of your body.

Kit includes:

  • Latex-free*, anti-burst yoga ball (*tested by an independent laboratory)
  • Instructional booklet with 27 beautifully illustrated yoga ball exercises
  • Foot pump for quick and easy ball inflation

Choose the ball that's right for you:
Height Ball Size Color
5'0" to 5'5" S 22"/55cm Purple
5'6" to 5'11" M 26"/65cm Blue
6'0" to 6'3" L 30"/75cm Gold

For information on pricing or ordering any of these optimum products, please contact Perry by phone at 508-222-7376 or email